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Orlando, FL

“Working with Keishla unlocked a level of potential I knew I had inside of me, but had trouble accessing. She helped put my thoughts, feelings, and dreams on paper with a game plan. God truly used her as a vessel to guide me to my next steps. “ - A.R.

New York, NY

"I decided to hire Keishla as my life coach looking for direction, clarity, setting priorities and decision making.

She has exceeded my expectations and giving me so much more vision in my life that I didn’t even see for myself, a true visionary. She is such an asset in my day to day. She is helping me evolve into the person I want to become . Her passion to help people doesn’t go unnoticed. The attention to details and her kind heart is what I gravitated to in our first session. Keishla has really helped me in Business & personal life helping me navigate through things that I felt very lost in. I highly recommend her, she over exceeded my expectations every time and has a passion for her work." - V.E.

Atlanta, GA

"I wasn't sure what coaching really was and how it could help me. But when I found Keishla and watching her be the example of what I wanted to work towards. I knew I had to give this a chance. I felt so scattered and lost in my life. I needed a plan, order and guidance to even know where to start. Just after the first session I instantly knew she knew exactly what she was doing and I had all confidence she would get me where I wanted to go. Through hiring Keishla I have been able to accomplish so much, I have gotten closer in my walk with Christ, started the business I have been wanting to start and feel like there is order in my life as a whole." - J. S.
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